Yosemite Valley in Mist

Yosemite Falls

Sentinel Rock

Sentinel Rock

Church Building

Cathedral Rocks

Cathedral Rocks

Yosemite Valley

Vernal Fall - 317 feet

Cathedral Rocks, Bridalveil Falls

North Dome - South Dome

Flowering Dogwood

Leaning Tower

North Dome, Washington Column

North Dome, Washington Column, Cooks Meadow, Half Dome

North Dome - Half Dome

Yosemite Falls - 2,425 feet

Yosemite Cascades & Lower Yosemite Falls

Upper Yosemite Fall Snowcone

Lower Yosemite Fall

Sentinel Falls - 2,000 feet

Ribbon Falls - 1,612 feet

Bridalveil Falls - 620 feet

Liberty Cap, Nevada Fall, Little Yosemite Valley

Nevada Fall, Little Yosemite Valley

Centinel Dome

El Capitan from Centinel Dome

Half Dome from Centinel Dome

Half Dome from Glacier Point

Yosemite Falls from the Rim

Tenaya Canyon in Mist

North Dome, Basket Dome

Tenaya Canyon in Mist; Pywiack Cascades

seen at the far end of the canyon - 600 feet

Half Dome "Visor"

Top of North Dome

Clouds Rest from North Dome

Basket Dome (partially on left), Clouds Rest

Quarter Domes, Half Dome from North Dome

Misty Nevada Fall - 594 feet

Mt. Star King

Flowering Dogwood

Yosemite Falls

Royal Arch Cascade - 1,250 feet

Illilouette Fall - 370 feet

Mirror Lake, Mt. Watkins

North Dome


Quarter Dome, Half Dome

Alpenglow - El Capitan, Half Dome

Sunset on Sentinel Rock

Church Spires

Sentiniel Rock, Cathedral Rocks, Leaning Tower

Black Oak covered in snow

Cathedral Rocks in Snow

Lower Yosemite Fall

Half Dome - winter light

Alpenglow on Half Dome

Tenaya Lake

Half Dome in Alpenglow

Sentinel Rock

Quarter Dome, Half Dome from Olmstead Point

Sunset on Half Dome

Road to Camp Curry

Yosemite Valley - Winter

Nevada Fall

Nevada Fall

Nevada Fall

Yosemite Valley - North Dome, Washington Column, Half Dome

Half Dome from Glacier Point

Washington Column, Half Dome in Snow

Alpenglow - North Dome, Half Dome

Vernal Fall 

Horsetail Fall - 1,000 feet

Horsetail Fall 

Vernal Fall 

Bridalveil Fall, Leaning Tower

Half Dome

Redwood Grove

Redwood Grove

Flowering Dogwood

Ahwanee Hotel